Admission Procedure and Policy

Parents seeking admission are requested to fill in the Expression of Interest Form, for us to gather the basic information on students and parents.
Registrations are accepted from those desirous of going ahead with admission along with a Registration fee equivalent to 5 per cent of the approved fees.

Age Limit for Admission to KG-1

  • The minimum age for admission to KG-1 is 3 Yrs. 8 months, as revised by ADEK.
  • It will be 4.8 yrs. and 5.8 yrs. for KG-2 and Year 1 respectively.
  • As per the requirements of e-SIS registration, Emirates National Id and School leaving Certificates are mandatory for admissions.

Essential Documents

  1.  2 copies of the Passport with RESIDENCE VISA STAMP of :
    • Student.
    • Parents (Father and Mother).
  2.  Copy of the Valid Emirates ID of the student and Parent.
  3.  Birth Certificate of the student (duly attested by the UAE Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2 copies).
  4.  Original Transfer Certificate (duly attested) – For admissions from Grade 1 onwards.
  5.  Attested / Authenticated School records (2 copies).
  6.  Vaccination Certificate (2 copies).
  7.  Medical Insurance Card of the Student.
  8.  Medical Records from the previous school in case of students transferred from schools in the Abu Dhabi Emirate.
  9.  Passport Size Photographs of :
    1. Student (6 Copies)
    2. Father (2 copies)
    3. Mother (2 copies)

The number of registrations to each level is decided based on the available number of seats estimated. Care is taken not to accept registrations beyond the available number of seats to avoid inconvenience to parents and students.


Admission Process

Successful candidates are admitted with completely filled in Admission form and documents required as per the guidelines of the ADEK and E-Sis requirements.

Parents are required to remit the first installment of fee at the time of admission. Fee once paid is generally not refunded in any circumstances unless otherwise decided by the management on merit of the reason for such cancellation.