Learning at International Indian School – Abu Dhabi

The school inculcates digital technology to complement classroom activities. Here, the academic content no longer follows the traditional style! The digitalized versions of lessons hold the children’s interest giving life to their process of learning.

Classrooms are transformed to Interactive Learning Centers where the teachers use various digital aids to assist in the teaching process, replacing the conventional chalk and talk method. Technology enabled Classrooms help the teachers to use digital resources such as educational animations, videos, diagrams and graphics with audio to bring interactivity right inside the classroom, creating a multi-sensory learning for students that help improve their academic performance.

Interactive multimedia assisted learning enhances the performance of the students by facilitating long-term retention and retrieval, its dynamic nature encourages active learning, brings the subjects to life, and promotes in-depth understanding of the subjects through its engaging content.


Continuous and comprehensive evaluation methods are implemented to ensure the performance of students at the respective level. Efforts are on to introduce specially designed software for the fast and online continuous evaluation that facilitates instant remedial measures for the learning problems. The system adapts assessment and instruction based on child’s response. As the system assesses the child instantly, it also considers what the child needs to know, which part of the curriculum is to be taught or tested next, and how to present the material.



With the help of our advanced language lab we impart authentic training in pronunciation, intonation and nuances of the English language, making our students more competent in the ever changing global context. Such training is imparted right from toddlers to ensure better flow of language among the students.



The school offers wide range of co-curricular activities to ensure an all around development of the child personality. The principles of honesty, co-operation self reliance and hard work are uncalculated through this training. Competitions both intra-school and inter-school are held regularly to provide opportunity for greater scope and development and self-confidence. Physics training is an integral part of the school curriculum at all levels. There is opportunity to develop skills in a variety of games during and after school hours.



Grade Hours
KG 8.30 AM – 11.45 AM
1 to 12 8.30 AM – 2.00 PM